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Industrial furnaces of various intended uses: for heat treatment, continuous, low-temperature, conveyor, belted. Wide range of foundry products: ladle heaters, bracket drying chamber, tunnel furnaces.

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LM Furnaces & Conveyors

An industry leader for 50 years

LM manufactures furnaces and industrial automated systems for heat treatment. The range of machinery is completed by a selection of specific products for the foundry.


We produce industrial, low- and high-temperature furnaces for the drying-treatment of polymers and materials of various types. Wide range of foundry products: ladle heaters, bracket drying chamber, tunnel furnaces, and automatic transport systems. Climatic and cooling cells as well as furnaces for the deflagration of explosives

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LM Furnaces & Conveyors manufactures industrial furnaces. We offer a variety of solutions in the field of treatment ovens and the transport of goods. We produce lines of industrial, gas- or electric-powered furnaces for heat treatment, car bottom furnaces for hardening, tempering, aging, and stretching for the entire metallurgical industry.

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Contact us to find the nearest dealer Furnaces & Conveyors, specializing in low and high temperature industrial furnaces, climatic chambers and cooling.

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LM Furnaces & Conveyors

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    Our Sectors

    LM Industry S.R.L. produces specialized industrial machinery for the finishing of metals in the precious metal-processing sector; centrifuges and industrial systems for hydro-extraction, the degreasing and impregnation of zinc; ovens, furnaces, systems, and products for the foundry.