Finishing Systems

Machinery for the treatment of precious metal finishes and metal parts in general. LM Finishing Systems produces a comprehensive range of machinery and products for the treatment and finishing of metals for the precious metal-processing and indust


Centrifugal Solutions

Drying processes and pre- and post-galvanizing treatments, centrifugal dryers, and systems for the degreasing of swarf, centrifuges and machinery for the impregnation of zinc flake.


Furnaces & Conveyors

Industrial furnaces of various intended uses: for heat treatment, continuous, low-temperature, conveyor, belted. Wide range of foundry products: ladle heaters, bracket drying chamber, tunnel furnaces.


Industrial technologies of excellence

LM Industry S.R.L. represents excellence in the productions of industrial machinery. The company specializes in finishing machinery for the precious metal-processing and metal parts sectors, in the production of centrifuges and automated systems useful in the various finishing processes and in industrial furnaces. A wide range of dedicated industry products complete LM's catalog.

The Company

LM Industry S.R.L. was founded in 1971 by Lando Mario after gaining work experience in mechanics in Switzerland. This expertise allowed the entrepreneur to create an industry company par excellence in Veneto. Today LM boasts a vast range of machinery sold throughout the world.


Our Sectors

LM Industry S.R.L. produces specialized industrial machinery for the finishing of metals in the precious metal-processing sector; centrifuges and industrial systems for hydro-extraction, the degreasing and impregnation of zinc; ovens, furnaces, systems, and products for the foundry.