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LM Industry S.R.L. was founded in 1971 by Lando Mario after gaining work experience in mechanics in Switzerland.
The business owner’s tenacity, foresight, and perseverance have allowed the company to produce over 10,000 machines, sold worldwide.
To meet the galvanization needs of the industry, Lando Mario began designing the first centrifuges, used in the same machines for the drying of galvanized parts. This sector was fertile ground for the starting up and increase of production.


In the early 1980s, the canny insight to broaden the horizons prompted Lando Mario to design and begin producing the first machines for the finishing of precious and industrial metal.
The company offered the market a comprehensive range of products for the treatment and finishing of metals, quickly becoming a reference point in the global precious-metal and industrial sectors.

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In recent years, the contribution of the owner’s children has led the company to transform from artisanal to industrial. The evolution of technology has been a factor that has further promoted the modernization and production efficiency of the machines, components of advanced automatic systems built by LM and run by PLCs and cutting-edge software.

Thanks to the experience gained in the over 50 years of its history, LM recently expanded its product range by developing new technologies for the heat treatment of metals.

Sold worldwide

Continuously growing

With the desire to provide the client with an increasingly comprehensive and innovative process, LM has specialized in the production of centrifugal heating systems, furnaces for heat treatment, and applications for the foundry sector, such as ribbon burners and pre-heating systems.

All of these types of machines can be automated based on the needs of the client.
All machines are fully built on-site by the company, and the entire production process is monitored by expert technicians and trained and qualified personnel.


Our modern facility boasts carpentry, turnery, and assembly divisions as well as a warehouse and cutting-edge testing area.
The care and assistance guaranteed to our clients has earned LM high esteem and respect worldwide and in every sector.


Since 2011, LM has been managed by the founder’s three children, Walter, Doris, and Denis, and has branched out into 3 sectors:

CENTRIFUGAL SOLUTIONS – Centrifuges – automatic systems
FURNACES & CONVEYORS – Low- and high-temperature furnaces – automated systems


“More than ever, quality and reliability are the value added upon which, concurrently with technological evolution, we have built our story and set our sights on the future.”


In order to operate effectively, it is essential to try to attain maximal speed and flexibility in the evolution of our professional knowledge and abilities. It is for this reason that our goal is the ability to meet the needs presented by our clients in the shortest time, with the best and most comprehensive solution possible.

To constantly pursue the goal of “total quality” with complete customer satisfaction in mind.

To focus on the continuous research and development of products and services that meet the needs of the sector.

To provide clients with answers and solutions in the shortest time possible with the best and most comprehensive solution possible.

To guarantee our clients continuous product development by focusing on the reliability and practicality of the product.

Our Sectors

LM Industry S.R.L. produces specialized industrial machinery for the finishing of metals in the precious metal-processing sector; centrifuges and industrial systems for hydro-extraction, the degreasing and impregnation of zinc; ovens, furnaces, systems, and products for the foundry.