29 September

ZOOMSPY – Look with New Eyes



Reduces processing time: zooming in and working with complete freedom of movement in handling and inspection phases means producing with an increase in effectiveness and efficiency. Great for enlarging details that might otherwise escape the the human eye. An alternative to traditional magnifiers and microscopes, which cause greater visual fatigue. The ability to save images in high definition and compare them with the finished product is essential to quality control and for step-by-step processing. Viewing the enlarged image on a monitor is far more practical than any other solution.

Some of the camera’s primary features are:

  • Digital zoom;
  • Horizontal and vertical inversion of the shot ;
  • Vertical-split view of an image saved on the SD card and the current shot ;
  • JPG photo format ;
  • AVI video format ;
  • SD card content management.



Technical Specifications



Our Sectors

LM Industry S.R.L. produces specialized industrial machinery for the finishing of metals in the precious metal-processing sector; centrifuges and industrial systems for hydro-extraction, the degreasing and impregnation of zinc; ovens, furnaces, systems, and products for the foundry.