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Continuous chain ovens, electrically heated with heating elements or gas with direct or indirect flame burner. Suitable for tempering, stress relieving, annealing, ageing, passivation, Topcoat, zinc flake, solvent evaporation, paint drying, polymerisation, cross-linking, pre-heating treatments. For products arranged in baskets, crates, in bulk on belt, on trays. Useful for treatment of hardware, nuts and bolts, pins, electrical motors, springs, surface coatings with products with water or solvent base. Check via PLC, process controllers with accessories to ensure traceability in each stage of the process. Temperatures from 0-6000 °C and any length.


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LM Industry S.R.L. produces specialized industrial machinery for the finishing of metals in the precious metal-processing sector; centrifuges and industrial systems for hydro-extraction, the degreasing and impregnation of zinc; ovens, furnaces, systems, and products for the foundry.